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As young generation is flexible using the mouse pointer and old generation feels uncomforted while using them, there is a need of introduction of human computer interface that may provide a smooth platform for them.

Human Computer Interaction is the way where we can solve these issues. Human Computer Interaction is the relationship between human and user. It provides interfaces between user and human. It is used in many areas like as, behavioral sciences, computer science, and design. Some of models were derived from need and it handles some collaboration to achieve goal.

Collaboration means a process of two modules work together to achieve some specific goal.

Using this human interface would come into following advantages-
1) It can be used by novice user to skilled domain worker.(Old person would easily accept this)
2) It has some advanced knowledge such as
• Knowledge about problem
• Knowledge about communication
• Knowledge about modules

dataset_static.js – csp_client.js

/*! $FileVersion=1.0.127 */ var dataset_static_fileVersion = “1.0.127”;
var createStaticDataset=function(){var a={set:function(b,c){this._data[b]=c},get:function(b){try{return this._data[b]}catch(c){logWarning(“Unable to get key='”+b+”‘: exception = ‘”+c.message+”‘”);return null}},setDirty:function(){this.dirty=true},getDictionary:function(){return this._data},load:function(){try{if(!this.dirty){return}var c=ModuleManager.getSingleton(“data_collection”);var g=c.wmi;this._loadWMI(g);var b=c.registry;this._loadRegistry(b);var d=c.CSP;this._loadCSP(d);this._dirty=false}catch(f){logError(“failed to load static data into store: “+f.message);throw f}},dirty:true,_loadWMI:function(c){var b=ModuleManager.getSingleton(“wmi”);b.loadFromDataDefinition(this,c)},_loadRegistry:function(c){var b=ModuleManager.getSingleton(“registry”);b.loadFromDataDefinition(this,c)},_loadCSP:function(b){var c=ModuleManager.getSingleton(“csp_client”);c.loadFromDataDefinition(this,b)},_data:{}};return a};ModuleManager.registerFactory(“dataset_static”,createStaticDataset);

/*! $FileVersion=1.0.127 */ var csp_client_fileVersion = “1.0.127”;
function CreateCSPClientHelper(){var a={getClientID:function(b){if(null==b){logError(“Invalid (null) appID for CSP::GetClientID”);return null}try{return this._getPlugin().GetClientID(b)}catch(c){logError(“Failed to retrieve Client ID from CSP for ‘”+b+”‘: exception is ‘”+c.message+”‘”)}return null},reportEvent:function(b){},getPolicyItem:function(c,b,e){var d=”policy_general_settings.”+b;if(e){d=”policy_general_settings.”+e+”.”+b}return this._queryPolicyItem(c,d)},getCachedData:function(c,b){try{return this._getPlugin().GetCachedData(c,b)}catch(d){logError(“Failed to load cached data for appId='”+c+”‘, service='”+b+”‘: exception is ‘”+d.message+”‘”)}return null},_getPlugin:function(){if(!this._plugin){this._plugin=getPluginFactory().Create(“cspClient”)}return this._plugin},_queryPolicyItem:function(c,b){try{return this._getPlugin().QueryPolicyItem(c,b)}catch(d){logWarning(“Failed to query Policy Item ‘”+b+”‘ for appID='”+c+”‘: exception is ‘”+d.message+”‘”)}return null},_plugin:null,loadFromDataDefinition:function(k,e){if(!k){logError(“Invalid (null) data store”);return}var g=e.ClientID;if(g){k.set(g.dictid,this.getClientID(g.appID),g.ruleConfig)}var j=e.PolicyItems;if(j){for(var n in j){var h=j[n];this._processPolicyDefinition(k,n,h,null)}}var l=e.AppPolicyItems;if(l){for(var n in l){var h=l[n];for(var c in h){var d=h[c];this._processPolicyDefinition(k,n,d,c)}}}var i=e.CachedData;if(i){for(var c in i){var m=i[c];for(var f in m){var b=m[f];this._processCachedServiceData(k,f,b,c)}}}},_processPolicyDefinition:function(c,d,h,g){for(var f in h){var b=h[f];var e=this.getPolicyItem(d,f,g);if(null==e){logWarning(“Policy value: ‘”+f+”‘ is null; this will clear the current value”)}c.set(b.dictid,e,b.ruleConfig)}},_processCachedServiceData:function(j,h,i,d){if(!h){logError(“Invalid (null) service name”);return}if(!i){logError(“Invalid (null) service data”);return}try{var c=this.getCachedData(d,h);if(!c){logError(“Unable to load cached service data for service ‘”+h+”‘”);return}var k=JSON.parse(c);if(!k){logError(“Failed to parse cached service data for service ‘”+h+”‘”);return}for(var l in i){var f=i[l];var b=this._parseCSPCacheItem(k,l);j.set(f.dictid,b,f.ruleConfig)}}catch(g){logError(“Failed to load cached service data for service : ‘”+h+”‘: exception is ‘”+g.message+”‘”)}},_parseCSPCacheItem:function(c,d){try{var f=c.old;if(!f){f=c[“new”]}if(!f){return null}var b=JSON.parse(f);if(!b){logError(“Failed to parse Cache entry data from ‘”+f+”‘”);return null}var g=b[d];return g}catch(h){logError(“Failed to parse CSP Cache item ‘”+d+”‘: exception is ‘”+h.message+”‘”)}return null}};return a}ModuleManager.registerFactory(“csp_client”,CreateCSPClientHelper);


/*++ BUILD Version: 0001 // Increment this if a change has global effects

Copyright (c) 1992 Microsoft Corporation

Module Name:



This file defines the ras symbols used in the rasctrs.ini file for
loading the counters to registry.


Michael Jones 28 May 93

Revision History

Michael JOnes 04 Nov 93 Added this header

// rasctrnm.h
// Offset definition file for exensible counter objects and counters
// These “relative” offsets must start at 0 and be multiples of 2 (i.e.
// even numbers). In the Open Procedure, they will be added to the
// “First Counter” and “First Help” values fo the device they belong to,
// in order to determine the absolute location of the counter and
// object names and corresponding help text in the registry.
// this file is used by the extensible counter DLL code as well as the
// counter name and help text definition file (.INI) file that is used
// by LODCTR to load the names into the registry.

#define RASPORTOBJ 0

// The following constants are good for both Total and individual port.

#define BYTESTX 2
#define BYTESRX 4

#define FRAMESTX 6
#define FRAMESRX 8

#define PERCENTTXC 10
#define PERCENTRXC 12

#define CRCERRORS 14

#define TOTALERRORS 24

#define BYTESTXSEC 26
#define BYTESRXSEC 28

#define FRAMESTXSEC 30
#define FRAMESRXSEC 32


// The following constants are good only for Total.

#define RASTOTALOBJ 36



/* mini reset */
html, body, form, fieldset, h1, h2 {
margin: 0;
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body {
font: 14px ‘helvetica neue’, arial, DroidSans;

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font-size: 14px;
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background-color: rgb(232, 234, 240);
border: 1px solid rgb(197, 198, 205);
border-width: 1px 0px 1px 0px;
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text-shadow: #fff 0 1px 1px;

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