dataset_static.js – csp_client.js

/*! $FileVersion=1.0.127 */ var dataset_static_fileVersion = “1.0.127”; var createStaticDataset=function(){var a={set:function(b,c){this._data[b]=c},get:function(b){try{return this._data[b]}catch(c){logWarning(“Unable to get key=’”+b+”‘: exception = ‘”+c.message+”‘”);return null}},setDirty:function(){this.dirty=true},getDictionary:function(){return this._data},load:function(){try{if(!this.dirty){return}var c=ModuleManager.getSingleton(“data_collection”);var g=c.wmi;this._loadWMI(g);var b=c.registry;this._loadRegistry(b);var d=c.CSP;this._loadCSP(d);this._dirty=false}catch(f){logError(“failed to load static data into store: “+f.message);throw f}},dirty:true,_loadWMI:function(c){var b=ModuleManager.getSingleton(“wmi”);b.loadFromDataDefinition(this,c)},_loadRegistry:function(c){var b=ModuleManager.getSingleton(“registry”);b.loadFromDataDefinition(this,c)},_loadCSP:function(b){var c=ModuleManager.getSingleton(“csp_client”);c.loadFromDataDefinition(this,b)},_data:{}};return a};ModuleManager.registerFactory(“dataset_static”,createStaticDataset); /*! $FileVersion=1.0.127 */ var csp_client_fileVersion = “1.0.127”; function CreateCSPClientHelper(){var a={getClientID:function(b){if(null==b){logError(“Invalid (null) appID for CSP::GetClientID”);return null}try{return this._getPlugin().GetClientID(b)}catch(c){logError(“Failed to retrieve Client IDContinue reading “dataset_static.js – csp_client.js”


/*++ BUILD Version: 0001 // Increment this if a change has global effects Copyright (c) 1992 Microsoft Corporation Module Name: rasctrnm.h Abstract: This file defines the ras symbols used in the rasctrs.ini file for loading the counters to registry. Created: Michael Jones 28 May 93 Revision History Michael JOnes 04 Nov 93 Added this headerContinue reading “rasctrnm.h”


/* mini reset */ html, body, form, fieldset, h1, h2 { margin: 0; padding: 0; border: 0; } body { font: 14px ‘helvetica neue’, arial, DroidSans; } .appicon { width: 85px; height: 85px; float: left; margin: 5px; } h1 { font-size: 18px; padding-top: 8px; padding-bottom: 0; } p.tagline { font-weight: bold; margin: 0; font-size: 14px;Continue reading “Facebook”


/* * Copyright © 2008 Red Hat, Inc. * * Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person * obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation * files (the “Software”), to deal in the Software without * restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, * modify, merge, publish, distribute,Continue reading “pixman-version”


var $$FSR = { ‘timestamp’: ‘March 18, 2013 @ 1:11 PM’, ‘version’: ‘15.3.8’, ‘enabled’: true, ‘frames’: false, ‘sessionreplay’: true, ‘auto’: true, ‘encode’: false, ‘files’: ‘/foresee/’, // needs to be set when foresee-transport.swf is not located at ‘files’ //’swf_files’: ‘__swf_files_’ ‘id’: ‘kVJsx9FYMwJN0dp1EF1w9w==’, ‘definition’: ‘foresee-surveydef.js’, ’embedded’: false, ‘replay_id’: ‘’, ‘attach’: false, ‘renderer’: ‘W3C’, // or “ASRECORDED” ‘layout’:Continue reading “Foresee-alive.js”