Designing, Developing, and Dominating

Deborah Stachelski| 08/22/2016 01:22 pm ET Article  In today’s fast-paced lifestyle and sky-high expectations, companies are more challenged than ever to come up with the best, most innovative solutions to our problems. We become more demanding every day (can we say donut delivery?), and more dependent on technology to do, well, anything. In other words, weContinue reading “Designing, Developing, and Dominating”

The news media week news

Boys Who Identify as Girls Now Allowed on Overnight Field-Trips 10:30AM EDT 8/17/2016 TODD STARNES Teachers in Charlotte, North Carolina have been advised to stop calling the children “boys and girls,” according to a training presentation on transgender issues. Instead, the progressives who control Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools want teachers to identify the youngsters as either “students”Continue reading “The news media week news”