Pokemon GO is real I Just Saw Raichu

  WEBSITE LINK “WASHINGTON and CANTON, OH July 18, 2016 Millions of Americans may have fallen in love with the Pokémon Go mobile gaming app, but those fans do not include the corporate professionals who deal with Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) designed to keep phones, tablets, and other devices secure in the workplace. Today,Continue reading “Pokemon GO is real I Just Saw Raichu”

Why Are Zombies So Mean Pt. 2

  Don’t forget “click me” Pt. 1 I am a voter, yet my ZOMBIE side calls every day for guidance the general population of like personalities, be they compromise, and comparable model a whole population for a brief time, they difference makes upon the differences we all share some similarities.  Our Presidential races are theContinue reading “Why Are Zombies So Mean Pt. 2”