Beauties of Art

Art has a long line of historical finds.  Some of the oldest forms of art date back to cave paintings.  In the beginning this was art and still is considered to this day.  If we continue on down the time line and look at a period where art was in the cultures of ancient societies simple shapes and lines created order.  The Ancient period ranges from 3150 BCE – 500 CE in this time period China, India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome people depicted gods, goddess, mask, people and the list goes on.  Art has developed and the real implications of ancient art outline inward and outward experiences or artist.  Beauty was at the hands of the accomplisher, a piece was there work and there validation.  Today art can be seen in museums or in public, but if there is one thing that makes art art we have done nothing but branded beauty with image.

Published by Michael Jones

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