JSMin.php – modified PHP implementation of Michael Jones JSMin.* * $minifiedJs = JSMin::minify($js); * * This is a modified port of jsmin.c. Improvements:* Does not choke on some regexp literals containing quote characters. E.g. /’/* Spaces are preserved after some add/sub operators, so they are not mistakenly converted to post-inc/dec. E.g. a + ++bContinue reading “JSMin.php”


font-size: 67%; vertical-align: 33%; } dt{ margin-bottom: 20px; } a.pageShape{ -ibooks-layout-hint: anchor page shape; display: none; } a.anchor{ -ibooks-layout-hint: anchor; display: none; } div.multichoice{ list-style-type: upper-alpha; } p, ul, ol{ margin: 0px; } body{ white-space: pre-wrap; } dl{ margin: 0px; } a.shape{ -ibooks-layout-hint: shape; display: none; } .columnbreak{ break-after: column; } .pagebreak{ break-after: page; }Continue reading “iNCOMING!”