The Pinky and The Thumb

It’s called the “shaka” (from “shake”? otherwise, of hawaiian etymology) or the “hang loose” sign(from Florida usage, primarily), and is used by all ages in all aspects of society to signify any number of casual and/or positive meanings, such as: “okay”, “thanks”, “go ahead”, “that’s good”, “no problem”, “cool”, “hello”, “goodbye”, “all right”, etc. etc.

Oculus Backups 

Check the up-link I mean is Facebook’s Oculus Rift one of the high-end VR headsets available in the market today. In addition to the high cost of the headset, the desktop needed to run it costs $3000. It is not a cheap toy by any means.

The Waking Dead Pt. 1

Truth, lies, and lied.  For starters, we have beguiled the masses, as we have lined the streets to say who are they!  Rather, lesson of choice instruct and dark limiting,  the slimwear, from our view became parallel processing or not…read below × Concerned, a well to do deal, it is becoming we have slept talkedContinue reading “The Waking Dead Pt. 1”