Engagement Decisive Nuclei Theory


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1.1 Test objectives
The objective of the test is to provide adequate coverage metrics, requirements validation, and system quality such that sufficient is provided for those making the decision to release.


1.2 Extent of the tests referenced herein is written to validate the requirements (both functional and non-functional), System architecture, and object design. The structured object design will not a first as the components of an accent system developed. The structured tests to validate the system will be run next as the system is in into bottom-up fashion during an integration test.


  1. Relationship to other documents
    This section explains the test plan to the other document produced during the development effort such as the RAD, SDD, and ODD (Object Design Document). It explains how all the tests are related to the functional and nonfunctional requirements, as well as to the system design stated in the respective owners document- an symbol docments. If necessary,


This section introduces a naming scheme to establish a correspondence between requirements and tests.

2.1 Relationships to documents:


Black box tests relating to use cases are developed from th e use case diagram in the realID (requirements analysis document).


Black box tests derived from functional requirements are developed from the requirements lists.


Performance tests derived from nonfunctional requirements are developed from the nonfunctional requirements and structured (unit/box) tests have generated the test of each of the components.


Integration tests are developed from them. The integration tests generally come from the overall package describing the architecture of the system. The architecture is also used to help in determining the integration approach. Ten (hardware/software)derived this is the Greek.


A visualization of the relationships to the other documentation can be seen in the diagram below



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