Future of Them Pt. 4

Another great mind that was affected by a mental disorder was Abraham Lincoln. Depression can be defined as, severe despondency and dejection, accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. Despite this, Lincoln made it into adulthood showing few signs of depression. Abraham Lincoln’s depression could be attributed to the loss of loved one’s throughout his live; all at a time where Lincoln was still impressionable and growing.

Lincoln would often lose the ability to take pleasure from such activities such as eating and sex and often have trouble performing everyday activities. During these times Lincoln was known to reach out to other’s or write letters to those he was close with.

Abraham’s depression helped him think intensely about problems and motivated him to reach out to those who were looked down upon in society. During his term in office war tore the country apart. Just as the people were enslaved within their own country Lincoln was faced demonized by what can be looked at as the biggest decision ever bestowed upon man. Due To Lincoln’s ability to think intensely about the condition of the union he came to this resolution, “Free the slaves.” This decision was the marked entrance for the melting pot in America.

Lincoln’s depression allowed him to sympathize the inhuman conditions that the African American’s of his time were uprooted into.