Mars And Uber Similarties 

  1. I want apologize ahead of time about the text inconsistency.   My phone is limited….please enjoy 
  2. I found…..
  3. Uber or über den
  4. Is translated to….ON THE I mean, “hypothetically speaking” I mean?
  5. U = 21
  6. B = 2
  7. E = 5
  8. R = 18
  9. 2+1+2+5+1+8 = 19 
  10. 1+9 = 10
  11. And……
  12. M= 13
  13. A= 1
  14. R= 18
  15. S= 19
  16. 1+3+1+1+8++1+9 = 24
  17. 2+4 = 6
  18. So……
  19. 1+6 = 7
  20. December 2, 1971 Mars 3 Lander was the first spacecraft to attain soft landing on Mars.  Thus, Uber or “Us bridge eye Rule” 
  21. According to some commonly used calendars Mars (esp. in the US), is the third day of the week. According to international standard ISO 8601, however, it is the second day of the week. So the matter any marred over the unification of Mars, Mars is Red and it mean? Uber, or  über , They Us, between, which, bridge come, thus a driver rule from a road as in this means…
  22. Uber gero meer 
  23. Uber ပို pivoted in Burmese.
  24. Mars is presently at a 25 degree tilt and well…..We all have smart phones ;+^):( 

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