My Answer to Love by a Parent Pt. 2

In considering the following, it must be recognized that the experiments cannot be successfully conducted unless the one who performs them be himself a Magus. If two persons, one an initiate and the other unilluminated in the supreme art, were to set to work, side by side, using the same vessels, the same substances, and exactly the same modus operandi, the initiate would produce his "gold" and the uninitiated would not. Unless the greater has first taken place within the soul of man, he cannot perform the lesser in the retort. 

This is an invariable rule, although it is cunningly hidden in the allegories and emblems of philosophy. 

Unless a man is "born again" he cannot accomplish the Great Work, and if the student of alchemical will remembers this, it will save him much sorrow and disappointment.

To speak of that part of the mystery which is concerned with the secret life principle within the actual nature of man is forbidden, for it is decreed by the Masters of the art that each shall discover that for himself and on this subject it is unlawful.