Some People Just Are Hateful, Despite Positive Experiences, or Loving Family

Of all the things I have managed to gain from life, humor seems to rain in heavy so as to describe my outlook on life. First, I never felt like life was so severe that it shouldn’t dwell in its comedic outposts. Second, there has always been a domain head in my life just to say, “Look I know this is serious but…………img_0403” Lastly, the feeling of life needs to be lessened by laughter. Of these things, I know the third is most important. I recall growing up and being around a collective group of individuals who were never lacking in the department of humor. Being so, I felt I had something in-line with how I was viewing things, life, and certain situations the difference of interface as jovial devils. These moments were minutes that I shared; were just places in my mind where I found peace of mind. I visit these places and often still find joy left to keep my optimistic outlook fueled. Laughter is great for the soul.