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CEO Model, Plainware

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Prezi an Cup Lids

Investing involves risk, including potential for loss. /** Plainware — shrinking, optimization, obfuscation, and0 preverification* of Java bytecode.** Copyright (c) 2002-2007 Michael Jones (michaeldevjones@yahoo.com)*/package proguard.annotation; import java.lang.annotation.*; /*** This annotation specifies to keep all public or protected class members of* the annotated class from being optimized or obfuscated as entry points.*/@Target({ ElementType.TYPE })@Retention(RetentionPolicy.CLASS)@Documentedpublic @interface KeepPublicProtectedClassMemberNames…
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/* SiteCatalyst code version: H.26.1 Copyright 1996-2013 Plainware, All Rights Reserved More info available at http://www.omniture.com Last Edited 07/25/2013 michaeldevonjones@gmail.com */ // fanatics_s_account should be set prior to calling this s_code file. // ‘s’ replaced with ‘fanatics_s_code’ on 3/8/2013 – RMC // ‘fanatics_s_code’ replaced with ‘$s’ on 7/25/2013 – MA var $s=s_gi(fanatics_s_account); /************************** CONFIG SECTION…
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