The Waking Dead Pt. 1

Truth, lies, and lied.  For starters, we have beguiled the masses, as we have lined the streets to say who are they!  Rather, lesson of choice instruct and dark limiting,  the slimwear, from our view became parallel processing or not…read below


Concerned, a well to do deal, it is becoming we have slept talked long enough into the media cage.  We have proved shared realities are hardly as good as television.  Seldom have these steps on that road meant that #SH!T has hit the fan, but instead, our fashion has began to itch.  So what do we do, we pick another, way to choose from pay for questions work, and B, call question pictured comma or karma?  The secrets of the starters are there’s, the skeptic and commonsensical broad view of this call of confusion about politics, hormones, belief, and remain the mystery.  While amassed the determination to be segregate loosely based upon our waking day is each to other readers reflexive.