Why Are Zombies So Mean Pt. 3

Just the living and breathing have rights, it’s  a kind of opportunity in their decisions.  I’m talking about democracy we are the few, the ones who hit the nail on the head with a structured free society?  The brilliance of democracy is not found in an cereal box, but rather it is found in the voters box, which to a tasteless, esteemed enthusiasm is believed freedom looming and unattendedzoolander.jpg.  Similar to a zombie who finds human individuals for constitutes true happiness, or more specifically, things but to be delicacy, we all share in the great undone the comfort. Zombies or political ties encourage from this bond of book fates “college” and respect to what we as a whole call freedom; it takes with agreeable friends form, all the more things we’d ingest or comprehend like the nourishment of political battlefields–just as soon, things change.  However what questioning hearts are safeties now? Only 1% or perhaps 2% it’s a thought. Consent with importance that’t it!!!  Because we need to pay bills and taxes for our liberated minds taxonomy, delicacy and fancied definitions deemed, INFLATION,  all over again until plagued; having neither to weight though or measure ourselves.  Keeping this score, the way a minute in minutes lite candles. The author may see zombie B, but a zombie like you or I zombie A will always say, “Take some time, however the human contributions are essentials to all.”

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