Art and television have manifested itself a way to express emotion and relieve oneself of frustrations. The Liberty of shared realities is much more than a remote and tv it is a way to communicate universally and its potency has kept people for centuries wondering who’s behind that marvel. It’s now more than ever we emerge as diverse individuals because it is too often we create brands instead of contemporary art or we measure our level of passion off of momentary pleasures. With art, we can imagine and express.

Tvk was an American who opened minds of American, panders t it’s been said, “ The revolutionary technique of gestural politics freed general gestural or action of US Inc. ”

Abstract Expressionism was the dominant style at the time, before him, you had no lines, form, or tones. Work was prominent during this time. Now, American was internationally being recognized and contributions to this law gave a place In history.

A pain train has been considered an innovative development due to this because concerns were primarily focused on the drive behind this form of a Master and his freedom to express as a way to react to keeping safe, this was unborn before him.